And she’s back….

Here I find myself again, in front of the computer screen blogging about dance/movement therapy (DMT).

Firstly, I’d like to apologize to any previous readers (that is, assuming I had any to begin with) for my absence within the blog community.  I realize that this is a huge blog faux pas and a disservice to my personal assigned mission of giving web exposure to DMT.  In my defense, I was writing my master’s thesis in hopes of finishing my degree at Columbia College Chicago.  As I’m sure you can imagine, writing a thesis is no small task and as I wrote I felt that writing anything other than my thesis was some form of cheating (as the relationship to your thesis is very personal).  Again, I’m sorry.  As I’ve emerged from the thesis cave, the loving name I gave my process, I’ve had the itch to begin blogging again.  I’ve been sitting on this itch for awhile- not really sure what it was I should write about, feeling a bit disconnected the DMT community.

And then I read the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) Facebook feed.

There were various posts of professional articles talking about the health benefits of dance, however not mentioning DMT at all.  Naturally this has outraged the community, and has even elicited a formal response from the ADTA.  As I read through the various posts and comments, I was left wondering why it was DMT was left out to begin with?  What is it about our community that has left us so unseen?  I also noticed that a lot of the responses were reactive, and wondered how our community can be more proactive?

Ah! And then that’s where I realized I needed to blog again.  I need to blog (as well as other dance/movement therapists) to get the word out about what we do.  I need to blog to get the conversations going amongst our community, as well as those who sit outside of it.


Photo taken by Christopher Sanchez

I already knew this, that’s why I started my blog in the first place.  So, here I am again, blogging- a new begining if you will.  All in hopes to get the conversation going.

About emilyadannunzio

Board Certified-Dance/Movement Therapist. Movement Analyst (GL-CMA). Researcher. Dancer. Bartender. Detroit, MI.
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