Taking blog ideas while away.

photo taken from: justlinda.net

photo taken from: justlinda.net

I always get excited and motivated when I write my in my blog- and then the crazy reality that is my life sets in.  Although I have finished writing my thesis, my life remains busy (will this ever end as a dance/movement therapist?).  If it’s not slinging drinks as a waitress or writing a paper for the GL-CMA, it’s rehearsing for my newest creative project.

And then there’s the attempt to get out of the “big city” and do some traveling, which is why I am writing this post.

I’ll be doing some traveling this weekend, but I don’t want my blog to dry-up.  I know people stop reading when bloggers stop blogging.

When I get back I’ll continue writing about whatever is I need to write about in consideration to dance/movement therapy.  Any ideas?

About emilyadannunzio

Board Certified-Dance/Movement Therapist. Movement Analyst (GL-CMA). Researcher. Dancer. Bartender. Detroit, MI.
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One Response to Taking blog ideas while away.

  1. Ambryn Melius says:

    what does traveling and getting away from your current DMT life…offer you for your current DMT life…?
    XO and enjoy the trip!

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