So really, what’s the deal with gaucho pants?

This past week I have had many serious ideas swirling in my head about what my next blog post should be about.  I’ve had some personal shifts in the past month towards dance/movement therapy that I could write about, or I could write about what’s it felt like to have my master’s thesis completed.  Or hey, what’s up with the lack of state reciprocity in consideration to counseling licensure?  But let’s put those ideas on the back-burner and tackle a real issue that’s currently pervasive within the dance/movement therapy community- fashion, or a certain type of fashion.

The topic of fashion in the dance/movement therapy community has come up for me this week due to a conversation between my cohort (all thesis writing students) about the upcoming ADTA conference.  Over Facebook we’ve been messaging each other about whether anyone was attending this year.  An age-old joke for us as a cohort has been the lack of fashion in the dance/movement therapy community.  One person brings up the gaucho pants, then another mentions the haphazard layering, out comes the koosh ball reference, and the rest is history.  No place demonstrates this phenomenon quite like the conference, believe me.

So really, what’s up with this?  Is there a dance/movement therapy code somewhere that everyone has to dress like so?  Will I be forced to sign a contract once I become a registered dance/movement therapist?  Trust me, I am no fashionista, but I do like to look nice and I certainly indulge in what is trendy.

photo taken from:

photo taken from:

And of course, I hope it goes without saying, that I am writing this in tongue in cheek.  I, as a (almost) dance/movement therapist, am an advocate for self-expression and individuality.  However, I do think the fashion phenomena is an interesting part of our dance/movement therapy culture, something that I do not (nor my cohort) identify with.  The fact that my cohort and I can prescribe it must give some weight to this blog post.  And there’s got to be some dance/movement therapists out there that have been thinking this too…

I’m just saying it might not hurt to grab a pair of “skinny” jeans, maybe in a bright color if you’re feeling adventurous.  I don’t care what anyone says, “skinny” jeans DO look great on everyone.

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