Bio: Board Certified-Dance/Movement Therapist. Movement Analyst (GL-CMA). Researcher. Dancer. Detroit, MI.

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  1. pangie5678 says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and read a few posts and I am really really interested in all you have to say. I hope to get to read all of them!
    I am currently 2 years away from graduating my undergrad and I am really interested in DMT and going to grad school. I’m currently in the process of creating my own (double) major to give me a degree for pre-DMT grad school pre-requisites and am doing what I can to research schools and places/organizations I can try to visit or work at over the summer that are related to the DMT field.
    I would absolutely love if you could email me and I could ask you some questions. (angiepan5678@gmail.com) Otherwise I can just ask on here if you would prefer.
    Let me know! Thanks!


  2. Eleana Chase says:

    Hey Emily!
    This blog is so great to read about! I was thinking of entering the profession of dance therapy since I decided I was going to major in psychology and minor in dance in undergrad. I am working on a course project and was wondering if I could e-mail you some questions regarding your experience and future goals as a Dance Therapist!
    Lena Chase

  3. Linda Kingston says:

    Where do you teach classes? I live in Farmington Hills and am looking to take a class. I am an adult that is looking for something that is spiritual, relaxing, type of class to help deal with stress.

    • Hi Linda, I am currently not facilitating a consistent dance/movement class. I am hosting a DMT workshop on a Saturday morning in Detroit coming soon in May. If you’d like more information, e-mail me at emilyadannunzio@gmail.com. I hopefully will offer a consistent class soon! Thanks for reading and reaching out.

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